Jet Ski Maintenance Awareness Programme


  • Duration : Two days
  • Participants : Authorised Jet Ski Operators involved in Beach Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Supervisors & Captains & Jet Ski
    Maintenance Staff
  • Programme Syllabus : The syllabus is designed to create awareness of maintaining the high precision equipment
    handled by qualified Jet ski operators who are well versed with the use of this equipment. With their expertise, they
    have been successful in saving several lives. However it has been experienced that they need to realize the importance of
    the upkeep of the equipment which is possible through proper handling and understanding the importance of effective
  • Modules : Problem analysis, Advantages of daily servicing and effective maintenance, Introduction to Jet Ski Parts /
    Components / Essential controls & their functions, Trailering methods on the beach, Front Line Maintenance procedures,
    Launching & Retrieving procedure using trolleys, Trouble shooting, Defects and their remedies, In – situ repair procedure
    for common recurring defects.