Patrol Jeep Driving on Beaches


  • AIM : The aim of the course is to provide competency to the patrol jeep drivers since it concerns dangerous moves,
    maneuvers and high alertness at the beaches while driving. At the same time the drivers are conversant with the Rules &
    Regulations of driving patrol jeeps at beaches.
  • Course Syllabus : A sort of conversion course which provides confidence to the drivers to drive patrol jeeps at beaches.
    These emergency vehicles offer advantages of increased speed and are equipped with essential equipment like radio and
    public address systems, special rescue appliances, medical kit, oxygen and AEDs. At the same time the jeeps have to be
    driven with extreme caution to avoid serious injury to beach patrons and small children.
  • Course duration : Three days
  • Participants :
    1. Valid Four-Wheeler licence holders only
    2. In addition should have 3 months driving experience on the roads
    3. Preferably lifeguards & Beach Cleaning drivers to gain additional competency