Swift Water Flood Rescue Technician


  • Course Venue : Kolad, Raigad Maharashtra
  • Water Body : River Kundalika
  • Minimum Participation : 15 in each batch
  • Duration : Six days
  • Eligibility : Participants should be of 18 years and above. Should be physically and medically fit
  • Pre-requisites :
    • Awareness Module : No pre-requisites required
    • Operations & Technicial Modules : Should be able to swim 300 metres in 12/8 mins respectively (Non-stop any
  • Course Modules : River & Flood types, Basics moving water, River Hydraulics, Hydro topography & Hazard awareness,
    Dynamic risk assessments applied to moving water incidents, Incident Management System, Hierarchy of rescue
    response, PFDs, PPEs & other rescue equipment – Introduction, Don & Doff PFDsand PPEs, Basic Throw Rescues, Eddy
    entry & Self Rescue drills, Rescues with Inflatable Fire Hose, Basic Rope skills & Knots, Tensioned Diagonal Techniques
    on moving water, River Crossing, Go-Tow rescue techniques, Inflatable Rescue Boat Handling Techniques with Paddle,
    Wading Techniques & Rescues, Submerged vehicle rescue system, Foot entrapment & release drills, Search & Rescue
    night operations