Water Safety & Rescue Training for Barge/Cruise Crew


Minimum Participation : 15 in each batch
Duration : Five days
Eligibility : Participants should be of 16 years and above. Should be physically and medically fit
Pre-requisites – Should be able to complete 50 metres non-stop swim & 100 metres with or without the use of lifejackets.
Course Modules – Rescue Tube techniques, Lifebuoy Throws, Throw bag Skills, Lifts & Carry methods, Man Overboard
procedures, Rescues from jetty/wharf /boat, Sea Survival, First Aid, CPR skills, Communication methods, Spinal
Management, Oxygen Administration, AED Basics
Certificates : To be declared successful, candidates should be able to complete 100 metres non – stop swim (any stroke)
with or without lifejackets on the final day. Successful candidates shall be awarded Participation Certificates of SRTA
valid for 12 months.