Patrol Jeep Driving on Beaches

  • AIM : The aim of the course is to provide competency to the patrol jeep drivers since it concerns dangerous moves, maneuvers and high alertness at the beaches while driving. At the same time the drivers are conversant with the Rules & Regulations of driving patrol jeeps at beaches.
  • Course Syllabus : A sort of conversion course which provides confidence to the drivers to drive patrol jeeps at beaches. These emergency vehicles offer advantages of increased speed and are equipped with essential equipment like radio and public address systems, special rescue appliances, medical kit, oxygen and AEDs. At the same time the jeeps have to be driven with extreme caution to avoid serious injury to beach patrons and small children.
  • Course duration : Three days
  • Participants :
    1. Valid Four-Wheeler licence holders only
    2. In addition should have 3 months driving experience on the roads
    3. Preferably lifeguards & Beach Cleaning drivers to gain additional competency
Location: Goa

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Orientation Programme for Beach Cleaning Employees

  • Course duration : Two days
  • Participants : Beach Cleaning employees including Incharges & Supervisors
  • Programme Syllabus :
    • Theory sessions : Organizational details, Duty timings & Reporting procedures, Punctuality, Discipline, Personal Hygiene & Uniform pride, Communication with tourists, Behaviour & Etiquettes, insist for using dust bins available on beaches, Dos’ & Donts’, Avoid loose talks & provide minimum information, Action in case of emergency situation, inform & take assistance from duty lifeguards, Awareness on Beach driving Rules for vehicle drivers, Knowhow on Whatsapp system for complaints by Public, About Wet/ Dry garbage & Dispersal Plants,
    • Field demos & practices : Beach Run/ Walk & Physical ExercisesTools/ Implements – their proper use & maintenance responsibility, Safety precautions & importance of wearing gloves & masks, Basic First Aid & CPR Layman procedures, Practices, Lifts & Carry methods, Use of Spine board
Location: Goa

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Jet Ski Maintenance Awareness Programme

  • Duration : Two days
  • Participants : Authorised Jet Ski Operators involved in Beach Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Supervisors & Captains & Jet Ski Maintenance Staff
  • Programme Syllabus : The syllabus is designed to create awareness of maintaining the high precision equipment handled by qualified Jet ski operators who are well versed with the use of this equipment. With their expertise, they have been successful in saving several lives. However it has been experienced that they need to realize the importance of the upkeep of the equipment which is possible through proper handling and understanding the importance of effective maintenance.
  • Modules : Problem analysis, Advantages of daily servicing and effective maintenance, Introduction to Jet Ski Parts / Components / Essential controls & their functions, Trailering methods on the beach, Front Line Maintenance procedures, Launching & Retrieving procedure using trolleys, Trouble shooting, Defects and their remedies, In - situ repair procedure for common recurring defects.
Location: Goa

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Workshop on Beach Safety Awareness & Life Saving

  • Duration : 3 hrs
  • Participants : School & College students, Govt/Semi Govt organisations, Tourist Security Forces, Youth Hostels Association of India/States
  • Modules : Drishti Life Saving – Roles & responsibilities, SRTA & its training activities. Brief about Tsunamis/Floods, Basic Life Support - Standard First Aid & CPR, Importance of Lifeguard towers, its lay out, Knowhow of Rescue equipment, Beach Patrolling & Communication, Types of Flags, Signage, Warning boards, Safe swim zones. Rip currents & other hazards, Tourist behaviour, drunkard cases, causes of drownings and our rescue procedures, Role of Roving patrol, Patrol Jeep Services & Jet Ski, Life Saving demo at beach organised by Operations & Training team
Location: Goa

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Workshop on Etiquettes & Human Behaviour

  • AIM :
    • To inculcate basic culture in Lifeguards and develop a friendly working environment
    • To inculcate basic culture in Team members.
    • Improve & develop a friendly working environment while working on board Cruise.
  • Duration : 3 hrs
  • Participants : Lifeguards, Water Sport & Boat Operators, Ferry & Cruise Crew
  • Core Modules : Interaction with Tourists/Guests, Foreign Nationals, Special care for Female tourists, Work Place etiquette, In-house Behaviour, Know how on our Bad Habits during duty hours, Safety Rules, Safety Advise to bathers/guests, Rules of Whistling, Dealing/Reaction with Drunkards, Dealing with Fisticuff situations, Communication on Radios & Loud speakers, Social Media – Protocol & Etiquettes, Local Geographical Knowledge.
Location: Goa

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